Horseback Riding

Dream of galloping across ridges and over mountaintops?


Whether you want to run like the wind or enjoy a long leisurely ride across miles of stunning scenery, you can enjoy the level of difficulty and speed that’s right for you. The perfect horse to match your level of skill, fitness and even temperament is waiting.


We at the Rocking Z pride ourselves on matching horses and people to the best of our ability so that both the horse and rider are happy and comfortable.  We don't believe it's possible to enjoy a riding holiday without enjoying the horse you're riding, so we take care with all of our guest horses to ensure that they are personable, mature, responsive animals, each with their own unique attributes.  

Anna and Cougar, photo by Ruth Chamberlain

Riding here varies according to the desires of the people, the weather, and whether or not there is work that needs doing.  Sometimes everyone joins in to move cattle, other times we go for a long ride and eat lunch while we're out.  We operate at all speeds and only go head to tail when the trail demands it.  With the open fields by the creek and the open ridges of our mountains, there are thousands of acres of land to ride over.  When not riding out, we offer lessons and games near the ranch.  Try barrel racing, or riding bareback, or learn roll-backs and western-style moves.  We even have a grasshopper cross-country course to play with. We regularly bring in cattle in order to work our horses and so that people can learn to work with the herd.  Working cattle is vital to the way in which western horses are trained, and experiencing it is the best way to understand our way of riding while having a ton of fun. 

Coming on a riding holiday can be daunting. Whether you are a very experienced rider, afraid of being placed on an ancient slow animal, or a complete beginner, afraid of taking on more than you can handle - it is a big decision to trust that a stranger will put you on the right horse! It is important to us that you are matched with an animal that is safe but fun and just challenging enough to be interesting.  Be bold and brave! We listen to what you want and do our best to match.

Learn the Language

When is the last time you sat back and took time just to laugh at nature and its antics?  Our herd of horses live out together, and are of a huge variety. Watching them is an opportunity to learn so much - straight from the horse's mouth! Learn their language the way the ancients did - by watching how they interact together.  Observation is the first step to true understanding, and that is the key to a partnership.


Experience a bond with a horse that gives back to you.  We will teach all who are interested how to join-up and gain trust, communication, and respect with your horse to establish rapport.  Once you have rapport, you have the ability to go out and do a job together - even if that job is a lovely ride down the trail!


Working Horses

Why is a partnership so important? In the vaquero tradition, the horse and rider are a team - one that can and must go out and be able to do a job together.  Both have their own responsibilities.  Horses in this culture need to develop a maturity of their own.  Our horses are well-developed and mentally collected before they make it into the guest options.  All of our guest horses are ones that we can get on and do a job with.