Renovations and the New Great Room

Many of you will know that we here at the Rocking Z are constantly improving the place. Comparing the ranch now to the ranch five, ten, or fifteen years ago and the changes are spectacular. This year our main focus has been renovations to the main lodge, including our new great room. Below are some images displaying the new areas, with a few just to show how things are fitting together now. Zack has built basically everything with a lot of help from everyone at the ranch, from placing the logs to the electrical to the chinking and welding the railings and fabricating the chandeliers and wall sconces. If you click on a photo you should be able to flip through them and see their descriptions. Enjoy!

What is it about the Rocking Z?

What makes the Rocking Z unique to other guest ranches?  It is our addiction to learning, improving, and teaching! While riding lessons teach adults worldwide, it can take months to get comfortable. We offer the same number of hours in the saddle in just a few days, and the variety of skills learned make one into a well-rounded horseman or horsewoman.  Many people struggle to find adult riding lessons, but not here! We teach all ages, and many many adults have learned to ride and surprised themselves at how quickly they learned or remembered skills from older days. Since we use Parelli Natural Horsemanship, every guest gets the opportunity to learn groundwork both on-line and at liberty. Then they get to practice and learn riding freestyle and finesse with a variety of terrains and goals. Working cows, going down the trail, learning to barrel race and pole bend, chasing the horses, working on patterns and skill sets - there is so much choice that the biggest problem is making the choice for what to do!  Very advanced riders get to improve specific skills, and enjoy long fast rides. Families get to ride together and then separate periodically to accommodate everyone's individuality. Most importantly, everyone of all ages gets to learn and improve at their own pace and have fun while doing it!

Practicing maneuvers through the field and trees

Practicing maneuvers through the field and trees



Welcome Everyone! 

Here at the Rocking Z we are excited to invite you to a horse haven of fun, where the horse is the center of attention. We practice Parelli Natural Horsemanship to teach and build the relationship between the horse and human.

We have an amazing herd of well-trained horses who love to connect with new people. They are all individuals, and we know each of them very well. Many of our guest horses are born and raised here, and all of our horses are trained or re-trained by us here. They are independent and well-mannered, and so are remarkably relaxing to ride.

Please take a look all around the site! Thank you!