Zack Wirth grew up on the Rocking Z from the age of 8. At that time it was called the 7-bar, and his dad raised hay and cattle there. In 1993 Zack and Patty purchased the ranch from Zack's mother and moved their family onto the ranch. At that time, Zack was running his company "Wirth Excavating" and was successful in the construction industry. Patty raised their children as well as raising cattle on the ranch from 1994 to 2000.  In 1999, Zack and Patty felt it was the right time for them to start on their dream of becoming a guest ranch. In March 2000, they poured the footings for the two guest buildings and in July, 2000 they welcomed their first guests. When they started the guest ranch we only had 18 horses, and in seventeen years have grown to needing a herd of over 60 horses. They have never looked back, and it is their new dream that the guest ranch which they have founded will be receiving guests into their great grandchildren's time.

The photos below show pieces of time on the ranch from 2007 to 2014.