Food on a Normal Day on the Ranch

Mornings are relaxed here.  Around six, coffee is on, and a pot of tea is always flowing by half seven.  We serve American coffee as well as a selection of teas, including proper Yorkshire and Tetley’s English Breakfast, as well as a selection of herbal teas, so whatever you fancy you can pop a teabag in the pot and enjoy a cuppa.  Dry foods are laid out, so if you're peckish before breakfast you can help yourself!  Our lodge is relaxed, cozy and inviting as well as being always open - even at three a.m. when jet lag has you needing a brew.

Breakfast starts at eight with mountains of pancakes and a variety of bacon and eggs as well as fresh fruit and yogurt.  Juice, hot beverages, and food keep coming until you're ready for the day ahead. 

Lunch is a varied occasion. Sometimes it is a sandwich and fruit on the trail with a bottle of water.  When possible, it is cooked over a fire when out and about by Maria.  Often it is a dinner-type meal in the lodge with cookies.  When it is at the lodge it is usually accompanied by a respite before getting back in the saddle. 

Dinner is served around six thirty and is family-style.  Everyone eats together, so it is a great time to go over the day and have a laugh.  Meals vary - it could be brisket that's been smoked for 24 hours served with barbecue-baked beans and cornbread or lasagna with fresh-baked garlic bread.  We even randomly do a Mexican night with enchiladas or fajitas, corn on the cob and margaritas for the adults.  For alternative diets, we have a variety of options!  Meatless lasagna, with zucchini (also called courgette) or polenta and six-hour bean sauce, and many more. Just be sure to let us know your dietary needs, and we will do our best!

Drinks are included in your package, with beer on tap in the saloon and wine at the lodge. You are welcome to take your drinks with you in plastic cups into the hot tub or anywhere around the ranch.  You are also welcome to bring liquors and mixers to the ranch, as we only serve liquor that goes with a particular meal. Soft drinks are also all included!