Family Update from 2018

Hi Everyone! As we prepare to welcome 2019 we look back on all the things that have occurred over the past year with gratitude and joy. 2018 was a stellar year for us. We hope you enjoy catching up on our news, and we hope that your year has been full of joyful moments!


The year began with a celebration. We welcomed our new grandson, Arthur Janus Snell, on the 1st of February. He has been our mascot through the season, bringing joy to everyone he meets. Anna and Tom are thrilled at being parents, and are really enjoying this new adventure.

We began having guests early in the spring, and in June we filmed an episode of “Debbie Dunning’s Dude Ranch Vacations” (Aired 16 December on RFDTV). We had a filly from our mare Doc, who was Anna’s Colt-to-Maturity project, and named her Guinevere in honor of Arthur and her sharing a birth year.

Zack spent the majority of the summer (and spring, and winter, and autumn) working on the lodge renovations and extension. He is very proud, and he has done an exceptional job with the new structure.

Photo by Ruth Chamberlain

Photo by Ruth Chamberlain

Ben and Maria have been very busy with the day-to-day running of the ranch. They hosted another fantastically successful ranch rodeo, their annual event the second Sunday of each August. We are very grateful for all the work they put into keeping the ranch functioning every day.

Patty has had many things to manage this year - between running the bookings and managing food and details for the guests, she also has been babysitting Arthur, working with young horses, and getting out to ride whenever she can. She was again able to host two horsemanship clinics this year, one from Dave Ellis and another from Martin Black. For an anniversary gift, Zack and Patty went down to attend a performance by Andrea Bocelli in November.

Patty and Zack at Andrea Bocelli concert in Salt Lake City

Patty and Zack at Andrea Bocelli concert in Salt Lake City

Anna and Tom, other than adjusting to parenthood, have been working on preparations to move countries. Tom now is approved to move to the USA, and they will be coming over officially in the beginning of 2019. Anna was able to come home and work on the ranch for most of the summer, and Tom visited as and when he could. Arthur has spent half his life, so far, each in the UK and in the USA.

We hope that you have a beautiful Christmas and are able to welcome in the New Year with joy and hope for 2019!

~Zack, Patty, Ben, Maria, Tom, Anna, and Arthur